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How do I check and inspect the flywheel key for replacement? Inspecting Flywheel and Keyway 1. Check for cracks, broken fins and crankshaft damage. Replace if you find such damage. The tapered sections must be clean and smooth, with no play between the two. 2. Inspect the keyway and flywheel for damage. Slight burrs may be removed with a file..

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The flywheel key is a small rectangular piece of metal that keeps the crankshaft and flywheel aligned when you tighten the flywheel nut. To protect expensive engine components from damage, the flywheel key shears off if the mower blade hits an object hard enough to make the flywheel slip out of alignment with the crankshaft. Replace a broken or.

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2. Inspect the keyway and flywheel for damage. Slight burrs may be removed with a file.. This will be a small metal or plastic circle underneath the blower tube on most push-style lawn mowers. The flywheel has a key to allow the cutting blade to turn when you pull on the starter cord. Step 3: Slide the Key With a Screwdriver . Using a small.

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Method 3: Inspect the Blade Wobble. A wobbling blade, like a wobbling bolt, might be a symptom of a bent crankshaft. Here’s how to inspect it. Keep your mower running and parked in an open flat area to view the blade. While the engine is running, keep an eye on the blade wobbling or shaking..

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Honda Lawn Mower Parts. Honda Lawn Mower Parts: Tune-up your Honda lawn mower with a replacement air filter, spark plug, or a fresh oil change. We carry a wide variety of replacement Honda mower parts including carburetors, belts, blades, and much more. Select a category below, or use your Honda Parts Lookup with exploded parts diagrams.

4. Check the Oil Level. Photo: triocean / iStock / Getty Images Plus. Lawn mowers need oil just like cars—and that oil can also become contaminated with rainwater. If your lawn mower won't start, check to make sure you have enough oil. If the oil has turned milky white, it's a sign that water has contaminated it. 5.

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Bad Ignition Control Module: Symptoms To Watch For And Replacement Cost. The ignition control module is responsible for controlling the frequency and amount of spark getting to the engine. When it goes that, you'll notice check engine light illuminating, engine running rough, engine stalling, and in some scenarios, your vehicle won't start. 1. Unbalanced Blade. The leading cause of lawn mower vibration is a loose or unbalanced cutting blade. Many things can make the blade lose or unbalanced. When you hit a rock, tree root, or metal as you trim grass, you may make the blade to loosen up or chip a small part. If the blade is chipped, then it will be unbalanced.

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If the key is sheared and the flywheel out of alignment, it will be off time and you will not spark at the points at the right time. No different than the timing on an older car distributor. Turn it a little one way or the other and it either runs badly or not at all.. Predator 670 Engine flywheel Coupler kit Retro fit your Lawn mower to PREDATOR 670 Engine with this ... Scag Blade Drive Belt (RH) 52 inch 48285. Kawasaki Engine Brake Control. Symptoms include Certified Small ... Scag Stc48v 26bs Scag Tiger Cat Zero Turn Mower 48 Deck 26hp.

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If you suspect your mower is vibrating excessively due to an issue with the blade, inspect the blade for damaged and test for balance. If it is damaged, replace it. If it is out of balance sharpen the blade so it is balanced or replace it. Testing a blade for balance is as easy as hanging the blade on a nail driven into a wall through the.